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MEFA Penguin (303)

Unpretentious, design-led mailbox by Seidenfaden Design - with separate newspaper compartment

Seidenfaden Design has created the MEFA Penguin as a more spacious big brother to the popular MEFA Puffin.  Each has the addition of a separate newspaper compartment, yet without compromising on the unpretentious curved shapes.

MEFA Penguin is just what you need if you are looking for an elegant designed-led mailbox with a non-locking newspaper compartment that makes delivery and collection of the newspaper easy. Naturally, the letter compartment has a lock, and the slot can be blocked.  With the MEFA Penguin, you get a good, robust, high-quality mailbox at a reasonable price. 12-year rust corrosion guarantee.


Design: Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen

Material: Powder-coated galvanised steel with a front made of stainless steel, galvanised steel or powder coated galvanised steel

Size: Dimensions: H: 492 x W: 323 x D: 194 mm

Slot: 39 x 280 mm

Volume, newspaper compartment: 9 l

Volume, letter compartment: 15.6 l

Lock: MEFA safety lock or Ruko safety lock (6-pin) that can be adapted to fit your front door key.

Colours: Jet black textured with a front in stainless steel, traffic white glossy or galvanised steel.

Accessories: Can be mounted on a wall with MEFA mounting plate 35  or on a MEFA pole. We recommend MEFA pole 72, but the mailbox can also be mounted on MEFA poles 22 or 63, or MEFA pole 28 with mounting plate 28.